Relocation Instructions

Students at the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville may apply for relocation to another Pitt campus once they meet the Relocation Guidelines. Relocations cannot be processed until after the academic requirements have been met and posted on the student's transcript. You can access this information through the Student Advisement screens on PeopleSoft.

Once the requirements for relocation have been met, complete the Undergraduate Academic Program Change form. Copies are available in the Office of Academic Affairs, Room 104 Bennett Davis Hall.

  1.  Check "Transfer to New Academic Center."
  2.  Print Social Security Number
  3.  Print Name
  4.  Add 7 digit Student ID number
  5.  From Academic Program Code - just print TITUS
  6.  Academic Program Name - list your current major
  7.  Email Address
  8. What term do you wish to enroll at the new campus?
  9. What campus or school within the University do you want to relocate to?
  10. Academic Program Name - list your planned major at the new campus
  11. Sign
  12. Date

Return completed form to Patti Jo Young in the Academic Affairs Office.